Voice. Video Conferencing. Messaging. Presence, Wallboard.

Solution Choice

Private Cloud or Premise? InfinityOne can be deployed on a server onsite, or in your Private Cloud keeping your information under your control.

InfinityOne Full Featured Softphone

Softphone voice on the InfinityOne application.

InfinityOne voice is full featured and provides an alternative to desktop devices for mobile, remote, or work at home employees.

All of the features available on our desktop phones are available on the softphone.

  • Complete Business telephony features.
  • Supports our advanced XSTIM Smart signalling technology.
  • Single click to call.
  • Status Indicator and Click to Call.
  • Unlimited Multi-party Conference, Forward, and Call Hold.
  • Do Not Disturb.
  • Missed Calls Indicator.
  • Hotdesking – Switch between desk device and InfinityOne.
  • Call Center features.

Supports: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Video Conferencing

One to One and Group

With InfinityOne you have powerful and easy to use video conferencing at your fingertips.

And it is supported on Windows and Mac devices as well as on our mobile app on Android and iOS.

Screen Share

Share, Teach, Learn.

Enhance your meetings or create a learning venue with easy to use screen share to share your Screen, Browser, PowerPoints, Spreadsheets, etc.

Available for both the meeting leader or if allowed, for meeting participants.


One to One or Group

InfinityOne offers secure messaging that is stored privately on your call server or private cloud instance. This means that your potentially critical messages remain in your control and not with a 3rd party.

Messaging includes these features:

  • One to One and Group Channel Messaging
  • Virtually Unlimited Channels
  • File sharing
  • Presence and Status Indicator
  • Message Editing
  • Seamless Integration with Softphone

Supports: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Presence and Click to Call

Online, Away, Busy, Offline.

Visually determine the status of everyone in your office and click to call them.
You can also set your status and create custom status messages.

Collaboration - Work Together

Wallboard for Call Center

Call Center Stats

InfinityOne Wallboard is an add-on application for companies that operate formal call centers in their offices.

Wallboard offers real-time info for multiple or single queues, and operates seamlessly in your InfinityOne PC or Mac application.

Wallboard includes the following real-time information:

  • Queue Number
  • Agent Availability Graphic
  • Total Calls
  • Answered Calls
  • Abandonded Calls
  • Calls Waiting
  • Longest Wait

Supports: Windows, Mac

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