Call Accounting

The E-MetroTel CDR Interface allows for the visibility that you need to take control of your standard telecom activity, allowing you to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Built-in Internal CDR Interface

All of our solutions, whether premise based or cloud hosted include CDR. With the internal CDR interface you can manage your call accounting needs by selecting your settings to drill down into individual calls based on day, time, etc. You can also search to see the status of any call, whether inbound, outbound, or internal.

External CDR Interface

With External CDR interface you can connect to external advanced call accounting applications:

  • Identify toll fraud and abuse
  • Easily manage organization structure changes for reporting/accounting chargeback
  • Track client and project billing
  • Examine productivity by department
  • Capture landline and wireless call records
  • Document emergency calls and suspicious calling activity
  • Let employees view and track their own personal vs. business calls

E-MetroTel supports DATEL and RSI Call Accounting applications.