Secure, fast communications
across the entire Healthcare ecosystem

Medical Center Solutions

  • Effective communications within the medical center – Communicate anywhere in the facility with desktop devices and our InfinityOne mobility solution that provides Voice, Video, Screenshare, Messaging and more on iOS, Android, PC’s, and Mac’s.
  • Effective communications with clinics, private practice, LTC – Our solutions can be centralized or decentralized and allows for the same streamlined and effective communications with facilities located anywhere that are part of your telecom network.
  • Secure communications – Call records, shared files, recordings, messages, etc. are all stored securely on your E-MetroTel UCX server.

Long Term Care Solutions

  • Total communications between nursing team, residents, specialists and doctors at hospitals & clinics.
  • Stay connected with complete mobility throughout the LTC facility.

Private Practice Solutions

  • Just in time access to and communication of information with hospital specialists and patients at LTC centers.
  • Manage your practice with flexibility – video consults from anywhere.
  • Manage your business costs – options for capital expenditure with flat monthly fees; reduce cost with migration to SIP.

"E-MetroTel's UCX solution has been extremely reliable and has been a substantial cost saver for our hospital."

Scheduled Announcements

Flexibile Mass Communications

Our Scheduled Announcements application can be used to schedule calls that deliver pre-recorded messages.

The application can be used for announcing visiting hours, cafeteria hours, and other routine messages.

We also support paging through desktop telephones. So there is no need for a separate PA system in many locations.

Complete Communication

  • Share visuals of patient status in real-time with specialists – LTC resident room nurse to personal physician; private practice doctor to hospital specialist.
  • Messages via Apple or Google watches.
  • Realtime review or file transfer of xrays or test results throughout the healthcare ecosystem for faster diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • All file transfers are secure and encrypted.
  • Video conference, screenshare from mobile phones to stay connected with critical patients.
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Reliable Mobility

Reliability and Redundancy

Having communications service available when you need it is critical for both safety and normal operations. We call it 5 Nines (99.999% uptime).

Disruptions can occur due to hardware or network issues, E-MetroTel allows for increased continuity of communications in the event of outages deploying either survivability hardware at the location or using E-MetroTel cloud. We also provide failover options for call server issues at the premise.

More information here.

Reduce Cost

Reliable SIP Service

Many hospitals and healthcare offices save thousands of $$ a year by migrating away from legacy phone lines to SIP service.

If you choose E-MetroTel’s SIP service we support unlimited calling and long distance calls in the U.S. and Canada. Delivery is from multiple POP’s (Point-of-Presence) across the US. and Canada.

In addition to our own desktop devices we support devices from other manufacturers on our platform. You can extend the life of your existing phones and migrate your aging PBX to E-MetroTel.

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