Collaborative Communication

Building a connected school system

Safety & Reliability - Connectivity - Advanced Features

E911 Emergency Support

Enhanced 911

On-site Notification service allows on-site individuals to be notified in real-time when someone dials an emergency number from a local extension. The service supports multiple notifications and multiple emergency numbers.

The notification will include the caller’s extension, caller’s name, and the emergency number dialed. And notification can be set up so that notification goes to central place in the schoolboard for all 911 calls.

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Scheduled Announcements

Flexibile Mass Communications

Our Scheduled Announcements application can be used to schedule calls that deliver pre-recorded messages.

You can avoid the need for a separate bell ringer system by scheduling and playing a bell recording through the speaker on desktop telephones.

We also support paging through desktop telephones. So there is no need for a separate PA system in many locations.

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Redundant Communications

System Survivability

Having communications service available when you need it is critical for both safety and normal operations. We call it 5 Nines (99.999% uptime)

Disruptions can occur due to hardware or network issues and can leave everyone scrambling for resolution when it happens.

E-MetroTel allows for increased continuity of communications for network issues with either hardware at the location or in the cloud. And we provide a failover option for call server issues at the premise.

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Connect Everyone

Schools. Admin. Support.

E-MetroTel solutions support incredible flexibility for connecting everyone regardless of location.

We can deploy your call solution centralized with a main hub and each facility as a branch location. And we can do it with on-premise hardware or in the E-MetroTel cloud.

We can put hardware at each location or put the whole solution in the cloud. How it is deployed depends on what is required for your specific needs.

Save with SIP

Reliable SIP Service

Many schools and districts save thousands of $$ a year by migrating away from legacy phone lines to digital SIP service.

Our service supports unlimited calling and long distance in the U.S. and Canada. And delivery is from multiple POP’s across the US. and Canada.

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Apps for Education

Our solutions support applications important for the industry such as Advanced Voicemail, Scheduled Announcements, Paging, and Wiki Directories.

Advanced Voicemail

  • Unlimited Mailboxes – For staff, substitute teachers, admin.
  • No phone required – Can be assigned without phones.
  • Voicemail to Email – Check your voicemail from your email.
  • Voicemail Blasts – Send emails to groups of people.

Wiki Directories

  • Unlimited phonebooks can be created in our InfinityOne application which allows dialing from a single click.
  • You can also see the real-time status of anyone and determine if they are on the telephone, and whether they are available for messaging.
  • You can build phonebooks for both internal and external phone numbers.


Paging is available for telephones in different groups. You can page through the telephone speaker, or you can use external paging to speakers.

Scheduled Announcements

Scheduled Announcements can be used to schedule calls that deliver pre-recorded messages, and play announcements such as bell ringer sound, musical reminders or other audio notifications to one or more destinations such as overhead speakers.

Infinity 5000

Our XSTIM (Smarter than SIP) desktop devices allow for smart features like lines ringing on multiple devices, and moving your programming from device to device.

We also support devices from other manufacturers like Panasonic, Avaya, Nortel, etc.

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Our computer based communication application supports Advanced Voice Capabilities, One to One and Team Messaging, One to One and Team Video Conferencing with Screen Share, unlimited Wiki pages and more.

InfinityOne runs on Windows and Mac as an app or browser based, and on Android or iPhone.

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Switch Devices Easily

Find Me / Follow Me & Hot Desking.

Our devices are powered by our powerful XSTIM Smart Signaling which allows for many great features. One of our most popular feature is Find Me / Follow Me, which allows calls to ring on all of your devices so that you don’t miss a call.

We also support Hot Desking which allows you to easily move your extension profile from one device to another. So you can use the phone in your office, move to a classroom and transfer your extension and all of your programming to a phone in the classroom.

You can easily start a call on a device and move it to another device. For example you can start a call on your mobile device and when you get to the office move it to your desk phone .