Save $ - By Keeping Your Current Nortel / Avaya Phones

Replace Unsupported and Outdated Nortel PBX with UCx

Nortel PBX’s are unsupported by Avaya. Business are replacing their Nortel PBXs with E-MetroTel UCx. UCx has been designed and created by the same engineers that had worked on Nortel PBXs.  Nortel replacement: You can Migrate your Nortel / Avaya Norstar, BCM, Meridian Option11/51/61 and CS1000 to UCx. UCx provides Nortel PBXs replacement  by supporting the complete Nortel Enterprise portfolio of telephones. And you can forget the complicated product provisioning and licensing. E-MetroTel offers a simple migration for Nortel PBXs to UCx, cost effectively with many new VoIP features and capabilities.

Migrating to UCx is easy, and saves a ton of money

You keep your current telephones saving you BIG $, and because UCX functions with similar features and applications there is minimal retraining necessary to use your new system.

And it doesn’t stop there. We are tireless innovators with our solutions so you will benefit from mobility solutions like our browser-based WebRTC client, an advanced call center solution, voicemail innovations, and more features than ever before. And all of your call features, voicemail, call center, and management tools are on one powerful, easy to use server.

opening slide option11c_1 option11c_2 option11c_3 option11c_4 option11c_5 option11c_6 option11c_7 option11c_8 option11c_9 option11c_10 option11c_11 option11c_12
option61_81_1 option61_81_2 option61_81_3 option61_81_4 option61_81_5 option61_81_6 option61_81_7 option61_81_8 option61_81_9
cs1000e_servers_1 cs1000e_servers_2 cs1000e_servers_3 cs1000e_servers_4 cs1000e_servers_5 cs1000e_servers_6 cs1000e_servers_7 cs1000e_servers_8 cs1000e_servers_9 cs1000e_servers_10
bcm_1 bcm_2 bcm_3 bcm_4 bcm_5
bcm_ssd1 bcm_ssd_2 bcm_ssd_3 bcm_ssd_4 bcm_ssd_5 bcm_6 bcm_7

And as your business grows…

You can add 3rd party SIP telephones in addition to your Nortel devices. And for mobility you can use our browser-based WebRTC client.

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