Galaxy Mini

Complete Office Communication

Practical telephony solution to build your business around

Every E-MetroTel solution begins with a unified platform that provides support for IP and Digital communications. Galaxy Mini brings together all of your communciations needs including Voicemail, Auto Attendant, Custom Call Routing, Meet Me Conferencing and much more.

Simple and sophisticated. Galaxy Mini supports:

- Up to 32 stations of any type (IP, Digital, or Analog)

- Regular and VoIP phone lines.

- Business Class Infinity IP and Digital telephones.

- Dozens of telephony business features and applications.

Because of its unique digital capabilities combined with support for internet telephony, Galaxy Mini is a perfect platform for migration from an older digital system or for completely replacing your current IP system.

Intelligent business devices

Increase your office productivity with E-MetroTel Digital and Infinity 5000
series telephones. Powered with smart XSTIM technology.

For users of business telephone systems the phone is the system. It is one of the most critical pads of the solution and is touched numerous times a day. Galaxy Mini supports the E-MetroTel Infinity line of XSTIM enabled IP telephones as well as the 7316 Digital telephone. Both product lines provide easy, intuitive, and user friendly functionality.

Efficient tools
to increase
your office productivity.


Infinity 5000 Series devices: 5010, 5006, 5046 Module, 7316 Digital Device, 3904 Digital Device

XSTIM is smart VoIP technology that allows for signalling communication between the device and the server and provides smart features unavailabe with SIP. XSTIM allows you to Hot Desk and temporarily move your device programming over to another device when you are working at another location, and allows for Shared Line Appearance functionality.

Business features galore

Auto Attendant answers incoming lines with your personalized greeting tailored for the time of day, day of week, holiday schedule and calling line ID.

Custom Call Routing routes incoming calls via a routing tree that determines how calls are directed ("For customer service, press 1..."). Can include multiple levels. Caller can self-direct to exactly the right destination.

Integrated Voicemail stores, forwards and delivers voice messages to the user, to groups, or for broadcast to all users. Users can record their own personalized greetings and have access to their messages from anywhere. And mailbox space is virtually unlimited.

Voice Mail to Email delivers voice mail via email messages to your computer and mobile device so you can manage all your communications in one location.

Meet-Me Conferencing Easy-to-use functionality allows parties to establish a teleconference by calling in to a specified telephone number and extension. Meet-Meet Conferencing includes a full set of user controls that enable the meeting chair to start, stop, and control the conference. This makes it ideal for larger conferences, especially those involving outside suppliers or customers.

Shared Line Appearance emulates Key System functionality by handling multiple calls on a specific number or regular phone line. This allows employees to monitor and answer calls that are ringing or are on hold on another team members phone.

Dozens of other telephony features: Transfer, Call Hold, Call Forward, Cellphone Twinning, Last Number Redial, Paging, Call Pickup, Autodial - External & Internal, Do Not Disturb, Hotdesking, Fax Detection, Fax Server, Fax to Email, and many more.


Above: Galaxy Mini server front

Below: Galaxy Mini server rear

Physical Specification

Depth 147mm/5.75in.
height 44mm / 1.75 in.
Weight 858g / 1.4 lb
Power supply specification 110 VAC - 50-60Hz In, 12VDC 1.3 A, 16W Max. Out
Operation Temperature 0 ℃ to 50℃
Mounting Wall mountable or Table top


Inputs USB, Music, LAN, SD Card (Future development)
Telephony Interfaces FXO, FXS, SIP, XSTIM

Service Capacities

Maximum Extensions 32- IP / Digtal / Analog/ Any combination
Simultaneous Calls 32
Telephony Interface Capacity 2 Cards maximum, Any combination of FXO + FXS
Voicemail Recording Time 80 Hours of storage

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