Galaxy Mini

Compact yet powerful, our solution caters to small businesses’ needs with ease. Featuring 64 extensions expanded (32 extensions base), full voicemail with auto attendant, shared line appearances, softphone integration, call reporting, and support for SIP and Analog phone lines.

Features of Galaxy Mini

Galaxy Mini is designed to meet the communication needs of small businesses or remote offices, offering a compact yet powerful solution. With its streamlined design and versatile features, Galaxy Mini ensures seamless connectivity and enhanced productivity.

Big Company Features

Unlock the power of big company features uniquely tailored for your small business.

One Time Purchase

Make a one-time purchase and unlock unparalleled value for your investment.


Count on our reliability in a world where communication never stops.

Built-in Green Migration

Experience a built-in green migration strategy with the option to reuse your existing phones.

Technical Specifications

Service Capacities

Max. Extensions – 64 with expansion / 32 base only
Simultaneous Calls – 64 with expansion / 32 base only
Extension Types – IP / Digital / Analog, any combination
Telephony Interface Capacity – 2 Cards maximum – Any combination of FXO + FXS
Voicemail Recording Time – 80 Hours of storage


Inputs – USB, Music, LAN, SD Card (Future development)
Telephony Interface – FXO, FXS, SIP, XSTIM

Physical Specifications

Depth – 147mm / 5.75 in
Width – 250mm / 9.75 in
Height – 44mm / 1.75 in
Weight – 858g / 1.4lb Power Supply Specs – 110VAC – 50-60Hz In, 12VDC 1.3A, 16W Max. Out
Operation Temperature – 0°C to 50°C
Mounting – Wall mountable or Table top