Scheduled Announcement

Benefits at a Glance

The UCX Scheduled Announcement application helps you share information, whether it’s a pre-recorded message, musical reminder or other audio notification, anywhere, anytime.

Enterprises, governments, agencies, public and private organizations now have a simple and effective solution for delivering scheduled announcements that can be fully integrated as part of their unified business communications system network.  No longer is a separate and cumbersome standalone announcement platform required.  Using the latest in SIP technology, E-MetroTel has developed the Scheduled Announcement solution to be as easy as the click of a mouse.

The Scheduled Announcement application is part of the UCX solution family and available with every UCX appliance server.  Integrated with the UCX administrator GUI interface, the  Scheduled Announcement application menu is easy and intuitive, enabling announcements to be scheduled as often as required.

And with the UCX open architecture, scheduled announcements can be delivered anywhere in the network and to every phone type with a speaker phone either analog, digital, IP, SIP and to external paging devices.  The announcements are not restricted to within the network but can also be delivered to external phones extensions such as other multi-site locations, remote home offices and mobile devices, making the Scheduled Announcement application very flexible and cost-effective.

Scheduled announcement recordings can be delivered at multiple time intervals every few minutes, few hours, or days in virtually any format.  Ideal for Hospitals, Airports, Government service centers, Retail, Manufacturing and Educational centers and more, delivering scheduled announcements has never been easier.  For example, school boards can lower their operating costs with a UCX communication solution by leveraging their existing Nortel, Cisco or other vendor phones to play bell tones to indicate class start times, lunch sessions, etc.