PMS/Hobic Interoperability

Seamless integration with property management and billing systems.

On-site 911 Notification

Internal response team immediately notified when anyone dials 911.

On-site Appliance

Consistent with hospitality needs for uninterrupted communications.

Perpetual License

Buy once. No recurring premium throughout the product life cycle.

Multi-legacy Support

Investment protection in wiring and telephones through re-use.

Infrastructure Simplification

Green solutions. Simplified wiring to the distribution closet.

Integrated Hospitality Management

  • PMS & HOBIC Interface. Easy to configure integration with hospitality management software.
  • Multi-language integration. Support for English and European languages.
  • Mapping Rooms to Extensions. Room numbers and extensions can be different so that room numbers are protected.
  • Room Extension Details. Used to map Room Number and Name to the extension number.
  • Room Status Codes. Used to report the condition of rooms.
  • Route Restrictions. Protects outbound routes, long distance, emergency dialing, etc.
  • Call Rates. Set Long distance rates for billing.
  • Wakeup Calls. Schedule guest wakeup calls.

Reuse existing wiring.
Simplify new installations.

Re-wiring new builds – We offer a simple solution by placing a Galaxy Express on each floor where the 25 pair cable runs can be terminated on 16 port FXS cards. Each Galaxy Express then connects to the Galaxy Expand in the Main Distribution room via ethernet.

Re-use existing analog wiring – We offer a simple solution by placing one or more Galaxy Expand shelves in the Main Distribution room where all the 25 pair cable runs can be terminated on 16 port FXS cards.

Most hotels have analog phones in the guest rooms because they are low cost, easily replaced and interchangeable.

Smart XSTIM Telephones

When it comes to phones on the Front Desk, in the lobby, or even the back office, we have our standard assortment of Infinity 5000 series phones. The 5010W with its wireless connectivity and Bluetooth headset options and the 5008 and 5004, all using E-MetroTel’s XSTIM protocol and no-touch provisioning.

Legacy and Digital Phones.

Hotels can save money by retaining current phones and replacing them gradually over time with E-MetroTel Infinity phones.

Hospitality Customer Examples