Active Standby

Reliable Communications For Critical Resources

Active Standby – HARC.

Active Standby, also known as HARC (High Availability Replicated Configuration) is a software feature that creates redundancy in a cluster of two call server instances.

The feature was designed to provide a higher level of communications reliability for organizations that have critical resources or call center agents that need to be protected against call server outages.

Active Standby / HARC can be implemented on UCX Appliances, UCX Cloud Hosted and UCX Virtualized instances. Both the Active and the Standby nodes must be the same type (Appliance/Appliance,  Cloud/Cloud,  Virtualized/Virtualized).

Mirrored configurations allow for servers to be manually switched for maintenance purposes.

Single IP Server Cluster.

In this application the two call servers are joined into a cluster and will appear to the administrator, users, and all devices as a single system. Both Call Servers must be on the same physical layer 2 network/subnet.

The UCX HARC software can be architected in combination with the UCX Survivable Remote Gateway (SRG) functionality to increase the overall availability of telephony services across geographically disperse locations.

Normal and Failover Modes.

During normal functionality all actions are performed by the Active Node.

In the event of a failure of the Active Call Server the High Availability cluster configuration transfers control of all functionality from the Active Node over to the Standby Node. The transfer of functionality occurs automatically via the software..

Trunks And Digital Device Support.

Physical trunk interfaces and digital telephones cannot connect to both of the Active and Standby nodes at the same time.

So if your office uses any of the legacy digital devices that are supported by E-MetroTel (Nortel, Avaya, Panasonic) and/or you wish to have your TDM lines or PRI as part of the Active/Standby solution they must be installed in a separate chassis and that chassis connected to the same network as the Active/Standby nodes.