The Survivable Remote Gateway (SRG) ensures network connectivity and survivability, particularly in organizations with centralized call servers or cloud solutions linking headquarters and branch locations.

Survivable Remote Gateway - SRG

If your organization utilizes a centralized call server or cloud solution between your headquarters and branch locations then SRG can make it possible to survive service losses between the locations.

Survive network connectivity issues

Organizations with two or more locations that are saving money with a centralized call server, or companies that are utilizing Cloud Hosted solutions can increase the likelyhood of communications continuity in the event of service losses between the remote site and the headquarters location, or loss of communications with their cloud hosting service.

Our proprietary XSTIM technology makes it possible. Many standard SIP devices can support connections to multiple servers but rely on the user needing to choose when to use one account or another. With XSTIM, the phones will start using the survivable gateway automatically when a loss of network connectivity occurs – the user does not need to change their behavior. And when the network connection recovers, the phones automatically reconnect to the main site.

SRG - Normal Mode

In normal mode a remote office will be connected via the Internet/WAN to the call server at the HQ location. Call processing for both device to device and outside calls through the PSTN is handled by the call server at the headquarters location. (As seen in the diagram outlined in green.)

The remote office maintains a call server that is idle during normal mode operation.

SRG - Local Mode

In the event of a network failure or outage between the HQ and Remote offices,  XSTIM will signal the devices to switch to the active server. In this scenario the remote office devices would connect and register with the remote call server, and PSTN phone service would switch locally via a PSTN gateway in the remote office. (As seen in the diagram outlined in green.)

In this scenario the HQ office would continue to function as before with HQ devices remaining connected to the HQ call server.

Digital Device Support

If your office uses any of the legacy digital devices that are supported by E-MetroTel (Nortel, Avaya, Panasonic) then SRG will work with those devices as well.

Digital devices are connected to our solutions via the Galaxy Express digital gateway. And through our XSTIM software SRG failover will work with these devices as smoothly as it does with our XSTIM IP devices.

The SRG software can be architected in combination with UCX Active/Standby (HARC) functionality to increase the overall availability of telephony services.