Galaxy 250

Galaxy 250 Mid-Sized Business Communications Platform is our best selling appliance. Designed as a standalone on-premise server or as a survivable gateway for cloud hosted customers. It provides complete on-premise communications for up to 200 users. Complete work anywhere communications for home office or mobile workers, including video conferencing, messaging, and more.

*Includes 3 Years of Free
Video Conferencing & Screen Share.

Tools & Devices

Galaxy 250 supports all of the tools that you need regardless of where you work. Includes Full Featured Voice, Voicemail, Call Center, Call Recording, Video Conferencing / Screen Share, One-To-One and Group Messaging, File Sharing, and a lot more.

Non Blocking

It may surprise you to know that many phone solutions on the market only allow a percentage of users to use their phones at the same time.

E-MetroTel solutions allow everyone to use their phones simultaneously. This includes customer calls, voicemail, call center queues. And even includes setting up and managing video conferences.

Privacy & Security

Since Galaxy 250 resides on-premise all of your communications data – Voicemails, Call Recordings, Messaging, Call Records, etc. remain privately and securely on your server

Work Anywhere

How it works. All E-MetroTel solutions support a feature called Hotdesking which allows anyone to easily move their programming from one device to another whenever needed. This allows everyone using Galaxy 250 to support multiple devices with a single license

Values and Specs

Permanent licenses. You own the licenses.

Optional support. System works even without support contract.

Intel® CPU power. Over-engineered to assure resource availability.