Experience seamless connectivity and cost-effective communication solutions with Multi-site capability. Whether you’re at the head office, a branch location, or a remote user, benefit from unparalleled redundancy and survivability to ensure uninterrupted operations.

Active Standby

Active Standby, also known as HARC (High Availability Replicated Configuration) is a software feature that creates redundancy in a cluster of two call server instances.

The feature was designed to provide a higher level of communications reliability for organizations that have critical resources or call center agents that need to be protected against call server outages.


The Survivable Remote Gateway (SRG) ensures network connectivity and survivability, particularly in organizations with centralized call servers or cloud solutions linking headquarters and branch locations. SRG enables service continuity even in the face of service losses between these locations.


UCX Multi-site capability ensures seamless, cost-effective communication and reliability across various enterprise locations. Enjoy unified communications regardless of your location, whether at the main office, branch, or working remotely.