Customer Testimonial


Hôtel Château Laurier Québec is a hotel with a story to tell. Since it’s opening in 1975, it has been more than a business, it has been the life work of the Girard family. Each family member has made it a personal goal to achieve excellence in every way and the highest levels of guest satisfaction. Over the years, they have all left their own personal mark while combining their many strengths to ensure the continuity of the family business. Today, second- and third-generation Girard’s are proud and honored to be working side by side.

Customer Statement

We would like to let you know that the installation of our new telephone system was done professionally and quickly. System downtime was minimal or short. Very important point for us since we offer customer service 24 hours/365 days.

In addition, the Hippoip team remains at our disposal 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Our questions are answered quickly and our needs regarding this new system are taken into account. The problems encountered were handled professionally and optimally. E-MetroTel and Hippoip are proactive companies to solve all the problems encountered even if the challenge comes from a partner (examples: Create “patches” unique to our system), they are facilitators.

By choosing E-MetroTel, we were able to find a less expensive solution for: installing telephone lines, adding and moving telephones. With the system they offer, changing or adding phones is easy with the UCX.

Soon, our employees will be able to answer the phone using their workstation application – InfinityOne – to facilitate teleworking. We are counting on the team to ensure that everything goes smoothly.


Mike Petillion
Directeur Operations
Operations Manager