Cloud Services and On-Site Appliances Combined

E-MetroTel enables set of solutions that combines of Cloud Services and on-site appliances to address customers’ needs and concerns with migration, redundancy and survivability.


Save money, avoid rewiring, and minimize retraining by reusing existing digital and IP devices in the cloud.

Cloud Redundancy & Survivability

You can enhance the robustness of your cloud solutions by integrating on-premise hardware, which functions as a Survivable Remote Gateway (SRG) to ensure survivability in case of network disruptions.

SIP Trunks & Appliance

SIP trunks offer cost savings compared to traditional phone lines, along with easy scalability and the flexibility to adapt to both service and geographic needs. Our premise-based appliances seamlessly support SIP trunks just as effectively as our cloud solutions.

Cloud Apps & Appliance

Boost productivity through seamless integration with cloud applications. Our Omnichannel contact center capability streamlines multiple applications into a unified platform, enabling your customers to connect with you through their preferred applications effortlessly.