Galaxy Appliances

Discover a range of powerful appliances designed to meet diverse communication needs. From compact solutions like Galaxy Mini to robust options like Galaxy 3000G and versatile interfaces like TDM Interfaces, our lineup offers unmatched performance and reliability. Explore the Galaxy series and find the perfect fit for your connectivity requirements.

Galaxy Expand

Galaxy Expand embodies modular efficiency with hot-swappable cards and individual in-chassis networks, boosting reliability and minimizing downtime. Key features include a telecom and data form factor, modular design for card replacement instead of the entire cabinet, 11:1 data switch for port saving, support for multiple CPUs for redundancy, and dual power supplies.

Galaxy 250

Empower your workforce with comprehensive on-premise communication solutions for up to 200 users. Enjoy seamless work-from-anywhere capabilities, including video conferencing and messaging. For cloud-hosted users, Galaxy 250 ensures survivability in case of cloud connectivity loss.

Galaxy Mini

Compact yet powerful, our solution caters to small businesses’ needs with ease. Featuring 64 extensions expanded (32 extensions base), full voicemail with auto attendant, shared line appearances, softphone integration, call reporting, and support for SIP and Analog phone lines.

Galaxy Express

Galaxy Express prioritizes adaptability and flexibility for branch offices, ensuring seamless expansion as your business grows. With its dual slot expansion module, easily add Digital Stations, Analog Stations, PRI, and Analog trunks without interruption.

Galaxy 3000G

Fully networkable with redundant capabilities, the system supports various phone models including Nortel, Norstar, BCM, M1, CS1000, E-MetroTel Infinity 5000 Series, and standard SIP telephones. Enjoy InfinityOne’s browser-based collaboration, chat, and voice features with every user license at no extra cost