E-MetroTel For Government

Secure and Robust Communication Solutions for Government

What will you do if your internal communications depend on a cloud phone system during a cyber-attack, and you need to shut down your internet access to regain control? Do your employees need to communicate with each other during network outages? If so, it’s essential to choose a vendor that offers an on-site hardware solution as a backup to the cloud system, one that can operate independently of any external network access for voice, video conferencing and messaging.

E-MetroTel provides continuity of your current environment, functionality, features and setup.

Trusted by government operations worldwide. Our systems provide the advanced security and reliability essential for government operations, ensuring seamless and protected communication at all levels.

On-Premise Hardware

Standalone  – Unlike cloud services there is no reliance on the internet or 3rd party services. Our Galaxy servers are standalone and require no monthly service fees.

Green Migration – Save budget dollars by keeping your current devices & wiring, minimize disruptions and retraining costs.

Network Independent

Dedicated hardware and software. Our Galaxy hardware  does not rely on, and is separate from the data network – If your data network is the target of a cyber attack your phone system will continue to operate.

Contains its own built-in firewall.

All applications reside inside its security domain and are all inclusive with no 3rd party solutions.

Retain Phones And Wiring

Avoid rewiring costs and keep your current phones. Minimize disruption during migration by keeping your existing wiring. 

And digital phones are among the most secure telephony devices. And we support them. You can migrate your current Nortel devices or convert your analog devices to digital with E-MetroTel.

Off-Line Updates

No web access requried. Galaxy servers can be updated securely off-line without the need for internet connectivity.

IPv6 Managed

Galaxy solutions operate with IPv6, contain a built-in firewall and an IP blocklist. All separate from your data network.

Enhanced Security. IPv6 was designed with security in mind, incorporating IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) as a fundamental component.

Improved Quality of Service (QoS). IPv6 has better support for Quality of Service, which is crucial for prioritizing certain types of traffic, such as real-time audio.

Simplified Packet Processing: The IPv6 header is simpler and more efficient than the IPv4 header.

Support For MS Teams

Many enterprises are adopting Microsoft Teams for its seamless integration with Microsoft 365, but the bundled calling plan lacks support for legacy telephony infrastructure and offers limited functionality.

E-MetroTel leverages Microsoft’s Phone System Direct Routing to bridge this gap, enabling full PSTN call management. This solution supports both on-premise and cloud deployments, ensuring a smooth and comprehensive communication experience.

PRI - Primary Rate Interface Support

We support your existing PRI circuits. PRI is widely recognized for superior security compared to analog or SIP trunks. Our PRI Cards are compatible with Galaxy Expand, Galaxy 250, and Galaxy Express, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced protection for your communications.

Retain Dial Plan & Features

Migrating to E-MetroTel is truly green. Not only can you keep your current devices, but you can preserve familiar features, your current configuration, and your current dial plans, ensuring minimal disruptions and minimal retraining.


E-MetroTel solutions have been selected by federal, state, and local governments in the U.S., Canada, and beyond.