UCX Wallboard application gives Call Center personnel the ability to instantly assess the call center operational performance at any given time. This optional application displays key performance indicators and statistics from the call operation among Agents belonging to a certain queue. Supervisors can more easily identify operational issues, address agent training needs and improve customer experience.

Call Metrics

UCX Wallboard provides the following metrics:

  • Total Calls:  Total number of calls is obtained by adding calls that have been answered, calls that are presently in the queue and the calls that have been abandoned
  • Answered Calls:  The total number of calls that have been answered by the agents
  • Calls Waiting: Total number of Calls that are presently waiting in the queue
  • Abandoned Calls:  Total number of Calls that entered this specific queue but the caller disconnected before being answered by an agent
  • Abandoned Percentage:  Total Percentage of abandoned Calls that entered this specific queue
  • Longest wait in Queue: Longest time a call has waited in the queue before being answered by an agent or the caller abandoned the call
  • New Voice Mails: Total number of voice mails in the specified mail box.

Agent Metrics

The following information regarding Agents are also displayed, while they are established on a Queue or Non Queue call. This information is displayed for all agents belonging to the Queue selected.

  • Agent ID: This is the Extension of the agent configured
  • Name: This is the name of the Agent
  • CLID: Caller ID information
  • Status: Status of the call, like Idle, Not Ready, Not Available, On Call etc.
  • Call Type: Type of the call established, like CC  or Non CC call.
  • Duration: This is the duration of time the agent is on a call or sitting idle