Reseller Migration Statements

See what some of our resellers are saying

We have years of experience seamlessly migrating customers from Nortel, Panasonic, and others, allowing them to keep their telephones, wiring and more. See what some former Panasonic resellers have to say.

Panasonic was closing the doors on it’s phone systems business. My area of the country while having good Internet access, the facilities and backups necessary to provide reliable phone service is not there where I would want to provide Cloud based or SIP Trunk services. I went looking for another company to provide premises based systems and I knew about NEC. I became an NEC dealer and installed 1 system (1200) and needed technical help which was less than helpful.

Then somehow I ran across E-MetroTel and was very excited to discover that you were able to support Nortel including CICS, MICS, BCM, and Meridian systems telephones and Panasonic telephones. I sold CICS and MICS system in the early 2000’s just before Nortel closed it’s doors. Then worked on Toshiba systems until they closed their doors on the phone business.

In checking out E-MetroTel I have found the Tech Support to be, in my opinion, second to none. The features of each of the products for not only the present, but for the future are fantastic. The ability for remote access not only to the phone system but any other equipment on the network is wonderful. No worries about port forwarding or static IP addresses. The PC and phone apps are great.

Richard Horton – D-H Technologies


When Panasonic ceased building product and only refurbished product became available we decided to service our existing Panasonic customer base with our inventory and source product for them on as needed basis. We were honest with our customers of the things that had happened out of our control and vision.  Fortunately… few companies build a product as robust as Panasonic and Northern Telecom. 

We have experienced wild technical issues requiring Tech Support from Panasonic, Northern Telecom and AT&T.  EMetrotel has surpassed these past giants of our industry with support. 

The Emetrotel team has been willing to listen as we have described problems to solve and help us resolve these problems every time.

In my experience the product is solid and keeps its programming during crisis.  It boots up relatively quickly after power downs or outages and during “add… moves and changes”.  [Our systems are all powered with UPS units]

It is comforting to know that Emetrotel has our back for Creative Sales solutions and Tech support issues. They have always been very responsive to our requests.

There is a learning curve but I believe it is much more progressive than all the fickle natures of VoIP systems like Yealink and Grandstream.  Many of the programming techniques from Nortel, Avaya and Panasonic have found a familiar place with Emetrotel.

I particularly enjoy the cell phone [mobile device] being an extension of your desk top phone.

In the spirit of past telecom Legends … E-MetroTel is a great bet.

Enjoy the journey that we are all on with VOICE these days!

Richard Horton – Telecom & Data Networks, Inc.